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The World Is Yours Collection

Steven Blanco’s 1st PRINTED COLLECTION

About the collection:

 The WORLD IS YOURS collection is all about striving to be the best version of yourself in a society that has a lot to offer, inspirations, and opportunities without falling to copy someone else’s life path. Focus on yourself and release from the pressure of society, daily distractions, false aspirations on social media, and the anxiety to live freely again in a global world devastated by the pandemic and social interaction restrictions.
Think about what matters to you and learn to be happy with the person you are.


Many of us are guilty of going through the motions of day-to-day life while failing to
invest any real concentrated effort into any of it. We drive from place to place, often not remembering how we got there because we are tuned out, lost in our heads, distracted with technology, and suffering from burnout. Our distractions are eroding our relationships, time management abilities, potential success, and productivity. We give up necessary sleep to check alerts and texts. Our society is overlooking what is important and failing to honor what matters most. 

When do we say enough?
When do we acknowledge we are distracted and are not paying attention?
Do we recognize and acknowledge technology is mean, not the end and a constant necessity?
At what point do we commit to changing our habits and priorities in our lives?

THE HAND OF YOU ( the black line )
All you need to accomplish anything you desire in life is in your hands, the only limit is yourself. Take time to focus on what you can do by yourself with your hands and own means, the next step will follow naturally and, when you less expect it, you will have achieved your goals. Do not underestimate your potential, you are capable of everything you set your mind to, and you will get where you aspire to be.

THE WORLD OF YOU ( the white line )
You have control of your own life, conquer this world and go for what you believe in. Don’t get too caught up in becoming a certain person or someone that do not reflect who you truly are. You choose who you want to be and become, be inspired, and surround yourself with the best environment to strive in this world. In your space and pace, away from all sorts of distractions, focus on creating the story of your life to share with everyone.

THE CREATION ( the yellow line )
Going through a self-discovering journey and creating your space and place in the world, you will find your purpose in life and what you can create by yourself. Be proud of the person you have become and your achievements. No one will believe in you more than yourself.


Our mission with the WORLD IS YOURS collection is to promote awareness about being the best version of yourself in a world that sets up a lot of distractions and moves us further away to get back on track. Be inspired and influenced by others and what the world has to offer then work on yourself and the person to aspire to become.

When we remove daily distractions, we have time to focus on important tasks and achieve goals we set for ourselves in life.

We believe when we commit to focusing our attention on what matters most, everything in our lives flourishes. Relationships are fed, tasks are completed, profits are boosted, productivity increases, and accountability is restored.

When we as individuals realize we cannot operate 24/7 and that we require rest and time to be our best selves, we will live with fewer expectations and pressures from society to always be someone we are not.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you willing to admit you are distracted? Are you able to recognize it is time to pay attention to what matters most?

This collection is Steven Blanco’s first printed clothing line. The artwork and design are made in collaboration with Randy Angelo, an awesome graphic designer.
Make sure also to check he’s work out.

Follow his at @randy_angelo


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