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SB Classics

The Steven Blanco Classics is the first collection we introduced our brand with, and it consists of blond, unique statement pieces of art on clothing.
Our first collection perfectly reflects what we stand for and the main concepts we established Steven Blanco from.

All our art designs on SB Classics are custom-made and hand-painted faces on each item and garments, as we wanted to emphasize the idea that everybody is different and we differ from one and another, ultimately are all unique for being who we are.
Some people though prefer to blend in with the majority, but others celebrate their rareness and strive to be different from the rest, use their unique persona to create and experience the life they want
With our first collection, we wanted to focus on the human being, showcase the diversity and celebrate different identities.

Steven Blanco is mindfulness and consciousness of yourself, the people around you and the environment. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, then you must first embrace what makes you unique, accept who you are without feeling pressured to conform to society’s standards and acceptation, to be the person that others think you should be or become.
We believe that by embracing everything that makes you different, you will shine, be outstanding whilst maintaining control of your life and feeling pure happiness.

As our Steven Blanco Classics Collection is all sold-out on the webshop, however,  we accept requests on custom made Steven Blanco items.


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