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Our Story

We choose to invest in our deepest passions to create something that people can relate to and wear with confidence, while being nothing more than themselves and standing from a crowd.

Our founders believe in wanting something better in life for yourself than society’s standards and social pressures set for you since an early age; focusing on yourself to understand who you truly are, work on your ambitions and achieve your dreams as well as living your life as you desire without feelings of failure or hard sentiments.

We have put 100% of our effort into building Steven Blanco that started as a mere project and turned into something bigger than we would have never thought it was possible; we pursued the vision we had in mind for ourselves and our brand.

Art and clothing have always had a positive impact on our lives and brought us together to create Steven Blanco. By creating a link between art, clothing and fashion, we endeavour to unite our generation and break free from society’s expectation and labels.


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