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Our brand focuses on people, their identity and their place in the world. So, we wanted to further explore these ideas and tackle people’s deepest emotions and feelings.

Our signature element, the blindfold, is also included in this collection. The blindfold stands for focusing the state you are while feeling those powerful emotions, particularly on negative aspects of such emotions.

You must become self-centered and focus on yourself to be able to understand your feelings and sentiments. By doing so, you will know what their nature and triggers are. We hope that you will become self-aware and capable of identifying your emotions, ultimately accept those feelings.


You might wonder, how do we achieve combining a set of emotions into a clothing collection?

Well, we decided to work with colors and design elements based on those feelings and emotions. We linked the items in our collections with emotions everyone feels and deals with in their lifetime.

Without a doubt, emotions play a significant role in our daily lives and they often are a driving force behind our actions and motivation, either positive or negative. Emotions can influence how we engage with other people and affect the decisions we make and our judgment. By knowing some of these different types of emotions, you can gain a deeper understanding of how they manifest and the impact they can have on our behavior.


Steven Blanco’s mission is to always connect a mindful element to our collections. The end goal of this collection is to promote awareness about a few basic emotions we feel as human beings.

We believe the more we discover about these different emotions we feel, the better we will handle them when they manifest. Finding a balance is important to get into a positive state of mind.

We want to shift the focus from those negative feelings to a positive and uplifting matter.


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