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Dream Big Collection


Our new collection is in collaboration with #IPPOP.

Ella Kasumovic, a young talented dancer, is a big fan of Steven Blanco. She likes the positive vibes that the brand spreads and their genuine focus on people, always trying to uplift them with new concepts, designs and artworks from their collections. So, this collaboration came along naturally as we shared the same ideas and purpose to create something with a relevant message and unique touch.

What is #IPPOP:

#IPPOP is a merchandise brand for kids by Ella Kasumovic. #IPPOP makes garments that are sustainable for the environment and made from the best quality.

Ella Kasumovic:

Ella Kasumovic is a 9-year-old dancer from Belgium. She is a sporty, adventurous and confident little girl. Ella’s biggest passion is dancing and encouraging other kids to be themselves and live life to the fullest. She posts a lot of dance-related content on social media but she also likes to post bloopers from her dancing videos to show others that practice makes perfect. It is normal to fail because we are only human after all and mistakes make us better.


This collaboration wants to inspire young kids to express their personality and themselves freely. We want to deliver a powerful and meaningful collection through clothing that represents Ella Kasumovic’s life story. You can achieve everything you dream of if you put in passion and effort.

This collection mixes Steven Blanco’s artwork with Ella’s favourite colours, inspirational quotes and items to make the collection’s concept as strong and clear as possible.


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